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Boarding passes and airline phone apps show lots of information with little direction or hierarchy creating a confusing medium for information. This creates a poor user experience for the users and can be problematic when they are in a rush to find a specific piece of information that would be found on those mediums whether physical or digital.


The traveler wants to get to their destination quickly with fast and effecient travel. Some of the problems the traveler faces are that they can have a hard time finding the correct gate and boarding zone as well as points of interest in unfamiliar airports.

The Value

For travellers who are confused by the current state of the presented information on boarding passes and airline applications. Simplifly will make the flying process quick, easy and efficient by providing a user friendly layout for purchasing a flight, navigating airports, getting updates on flight information and keeping track of when your flight is. If a physical pass is preferred I have redesigned the physical boarding pass as well to eliminate unneccessary elements and add a strong hierarchy for a user friendly experience that can work with any airline.


Mobile Application

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Physical Boarding Pass